Our Devotion to Denim

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Over the span of the last century, many workwear styles have evolved from being
strictly utilitarian and functional to becoming fashionable mainstays in their own right.
When we contemplate this, what immediately comes to mind is the 5-pocket jean,
originally designed by Levi Strauss in 1873. Originally worn by farmers and other
laymen, this garment, as we well know, has transcended into a fashion must-have found in the most coveted closets in the world. Donned by laborers, cowboys, rock stars, hippies, rappers and well, the rest of us, the denim jean has, in a sense, evolved into a symbol of America itself – bold, brash, independent and free.
The jean jacket, later introduced by Strauss in 1880, was originally known as the
Trucker or Levi Blouse. It designed specifically to accompany his famed jeans and was literally cut from the same cloth – ‘double heavy extra strong quality.’ It’s short, boxy shape was simply and practically designed for ease of movement, and its dense denimcloth for durability.
Over time, the denim jacket began to be embraced by both the fashionable and
famous (Bing Crosby was said to be an early devotee), giving this workingman’s
garment its first nod to being both cool and contemporary. By the 1950’s, the jean jacket had become the staple of choice for free-thinking and often rebellious young people
across the country (think James Dean and Elvis) and then in subsequent decades, the jacket of choice for teens, rock stars, rappers and just us about all of us throughout the world.
Today, almost everyone has at least one beloved denim jacket they reach for again and again for a timeless and iconic look that transcends seamlessly from one season to the next. The original denim jacket, as first envisioned by Strauss, has now expanded into countless shapes, styles, lengths and colors, that anyone can easily pair with jeans, leggings, shorts and dresses. Traditionalists can still opt for a traditional “Trucker” style jacket, but those who wish to explore other style choices, can now choose cropped, long, relaxed fit, lined, beaded, faded or dark wash in any color and hue imaginable.
So where to find your own version of this iconic topper? If you live in or around South Orange, Sadie’s on Valley Street (but soon to be relocating to 19 South Orange Avenue) has a delightful collection of jean jackets including aviator, over-sized and boyfriend styles in several shades of blue wash or classic black.
So, if you still don’t own a denim jacket or simply wish to enlarge and enhance your denim collection, stop by Sadie’s to select the perfect jean jacket that speaks to your own free and independent spirit. After all, we all have a little rebel in us.

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