Clever Hot Chocolate mix - 3oz

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BeshalerIndulging in a good cup of hot chocolate has always been an enjoyable experience for my family.  However, the desire to find a GREAT hot chocolate, that was not only rich and creamy in taste, but had a personality to boot, started this passion project and a subsequent challenge that has turned into a good ol' fashion family venture.

The result?  A delightful beverage and a clever brand in Beshaler Hot Chocolate that is inspired by the 90’s, comedy; and, most importantly, the warmth and relaxation that comes from sipping hot chocolate. 

The best salted caramel hot chocolate on the face of the earth!  This is every caramel lover's dream.  We put a LOT of caramel up in this HoCho.

Not to mention, the flavor name will elicit a surefire grin.

The coziest of all the hot chocolates, Flannel Jams (cinnamon & Nutmeg)  Let this drink melt all of your worries away.  It's extra creamy and has just the right touch of cinnamon and nutmeg which is an bonus for your nose too.  

Like a pair of flannel pj's, you'll sleep like a baby with a tummy full of this.

Boy Band is now in the lineup to satisfy every chocolate lover's craving.  For those chocoholics out there...You will crush on this extra cocoa harder than a tween crushin' on a boy band.

O-O Ooo, O-O Oo, O-O Ooo, [this has] The Right Stuff...

[You'll] Want it That Way...

I Swear, by the Moon and the Stars in the Sky, [this will] be there...

I could go on and on.

Don't be mistaken, those are marshmallows in there.  

This is a slight twist to our classic hot chocolate and adds the marshmallow that every kid and kid-at-heart will enjoy.  Get your hands on this hot chocolate!


3 oz. package will be perfect for one large mug or 2 kid drinks.